ACA Repeal: What You Should Know & What You Can Do

People are understandably worried about the future of the Affordable Care Act and confused about what the Senate vote meant. Put succinctly, Senate Republicans voted for a budget resolution that will allow for portions of the ACA to be repealed later via budget reconciliation. But even if this measure is passed by the house today, which is more than likely, and eventually signed by Trump, this does not repeal the entire ACA. Yet.

Before the ACA can be fully repealed, a replacement must be created. We don’t yet know what this replacement will look like. Ignore the glaring irony that the party that prizes itself on fiscal responsibility is making massive financial decisions without knowing how this will impact the budget long-term. Great work, chaps!

This is certainly not good news, but don’t despair; it’s not doomsday. Yet.

What you should know:

For transfolx, if you’re in a state that has passed laws forbidding insurance exclusions of transition-related care, you will still be able to access transition-related care whether your insurance is through employers or through the marketplace. Unless these coverage mandates are repealed at the state-level, you have little to worry about as long as you have insurance.

Contraceptives and preventative screenings are still covered, for now. Preexisting conditions are still covered, for now.  Young adult dependents can still be covered on their parents insurance, for now. And it’s likely that these latter two provisions will continue with whatever replacement is drummed up, as these provisions have wide bipartisan support.

Still confused? The fantastic Ijeoma Oluo wrote a great primer about what exactly happened and what it means.

What you should do:

Call your representatives (particularly Republicans) and let them know how the ACA has helped you and what you want the future of healthcare coverage to look like. Believe it or not, the calls and letters really do work.

Get and stay informed about your rights.

Share your story! Sharing your healthcare story helps lobbying groups work on your behalf.

Keep your spirit up. Keep calling your reps. And most importantly, keep it trashy.

In solidarity,
-Gendertrash Editorial Team


One thought on “ACA Repeal: What You Should Know & What You Can Do

  1. Thank you Oluo. Life, step by step.
    I spent some available time this morning following the inspiration of my friend on Twitter @kirstie_shultz working through the chore of writing a message – one by one – to a state by state list of Senators. She had a great and personal way of approaching each Senator with a relevant population/constituent % – in her case, all the persons in each state with medical disabilities. Others could certainly follow this personalized idea – Because We Are Not Alone. It might take me a few days of short bursts when I have time, but I’m going to finish the entire list of Senators.


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