Coming soon!

Listen up boiz and grrls, gaybies and theybies! We have some titillating news.

Do you ever look for sex toy recommendations online, only to find that the reviews are often by and for white, able-bodied, cis, straight folks? Does this rub you (ha) the wrong way? Yeah, us too.

We’ve learned the hard way that not all toys are designed for all bodies. We have therefore decided to tap (ha) our cadre of talented writers and begin posting reviews of toys, lubes, safer-sex products, and how-to books. (We may have the odd review of gaffs, binders, STPs, and prosthetics, too.) We’ll tell you which products work; which don’t; what we like, love, and hate.

Our sex-positive reviews will come from from queer, trans (broadly defined – encompassing GQ/TS/2S/NB/etc. identities), intersex/DSD, poly, fat, and disabled reviewers. Expect much snark, many great recommendations, and a slew of self-congratulatory puns. After all, we do have puns of steel.

So without further ado, head on over to our new sub-site (ha, sub…): Alt-Gendertrash Café. (And don’t let the alt-right—can we just call them Nazis now? Yes? Great—don’t let Nazis give the word “alt” a bad rap.)

You can seamlessly navigate between the sites by clicking on the link in the upper righthand corner (i.e., Main Site, Alt Site). You’ll know which page you’re on by the red [ADULT] stamped on the logo of the alt site.

Not your cup of tea? That’s fine! We’ve kept our page subscriptions separate so that you’re not getting reviews you don’t want to see. If you are interested, be sure to subscribe separately to the alt site so you get our latest reviews to your inbox.

Our new posts are coming soon (and we hope you will be, too)!

Interested in submitting? Take a peak at our submission guidelines. Priority goes to trans reviewers and reviewers of color.


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