A Letter to a Prospective Employer from a Highly Qualified Applicant

A long time ago, at an experiential ed conference, I was at a folk dancing activity, and the caller was teaching us a very fast and complicated spokes-on-a-wheel dance. As she cued up the music, she hollered, “There’s no intro—ya just gotta curtsey and go for it!”

Gail Catherine Piche, RN, BS Ed., ONC
Certified Orthopaedic Nurse

August 10, 2018

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to supplement my cover letter of May 9, in application for the Registered Nurse position. I was recently notified that I was no longer under consideration for this position, but it appears to have reopened. Your commitment to diversity is noted in many places on the [Perspective Employer] websites, not only as regards the student body, but also the staff and faculty.

My resume, and my cover letter, show my experience and dedication as a nurse; what they do not show is that I am a transgender woman with an extensive history of providing education and support within the LGBT community, and the community as a whole. I served as a board member and facilitator of [Nonprofit], which provides peer support for LGBT young adults in central [State]. After a Nursing Grand Rounds at [Hospital] identified a need, I founded and facilitated the [Local Area] Gender Group, providing peer support for adults in the [Local] area of [State] for all gender-variant individuals. My life has provided me with not only awareness, but the direct experience of the need for acceptance of diversity and inclusion. My gender transition, twenty years ago, was successful in no small part because the academic community where I was serving as a school nurse was determined that it would be.

Everyone feels “different,” everyone feels as if they are unique and difficult to understand. I enjoy meeting and caring for people as they are, whether for a cold or an existential crisis. I have a lot to offer the [Perspective Employer] community, and hope to meet with you to discuss your needs.


Gail C. Piche, RN

Gail Catherine Piche is a nurse, support-group facilitator, musician, and occasional writer. She can usually be found on a motorcycle, roller skates, snowboard, or crutches, and can be contacted via Facebook.


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