It’s Been a Rough Week

To all the cisgender gays, lesbians, and bi folks who lobbied for adding sexual orientation to state or workplace non-discrimination policies but didn’t fight for gender identity/expression because you were worried it wouldn’t pass…

To all the cisgender gays, lesbians, and bi folks who lobbied for marriage equality while trans women were being murdered and said you’d come back for us once you got your rights…

I have two things to say to you:

1) We told you this would happen, and

2) Fuck you.

E.L. Axford is an angry, Roller Derby Dyke who would prefer to keep her identity a mystery before her online persona gets her real-world persona into more trouble than she can handle. When she’s not angry (which is rarely) she enjoys drinking loose-leaf tea.


3 thoughts on “It’s Been a Rough Week

  1. I guess the measure of the success of Trump’s overall strategy would be how quickly the groups he has targeted for elimination turn on each other. Sure didn’t take long.


    1. I get you. I feel you. I really, really do. But this piece isn’t calling for a separation of the T from LGB. It’s acknowledging the very real pain and frustration of all the times we’ve been thrown under the bus by those who are supposed to be our allies. We published it because that frustration resonates with us this week. It resonated when they removed gender identity from ENDA. It resonated when the Title IX guidance protecting trans folx was revoked. We can love our communities and still be angry with them.

      E. L. Axford and I talked about your comment, and she was sympathetic to it. She’s out of WiFi access at the moment, but her reply was, “I’m not divisive. That community is my family, and as my family they deserve to know how I (and how many other trans people) are feeling right now. Tomorrow I will roll up my sleeves and continue fighting right beside them like I always have, but tonight I am tired and I’m pissed and I need them to atone for the countless times they’ve screwed us over without second thought.”


      1. And I totally understand all of the above- but the only thing anyone is going to take away is still “f*** you”, and if you need your natural allies to atone, or behave in a certain way before you will accept them, then just concede defeat. I’ve spent as much time looking at those bus wheels as most, and process queens that demand their way and cross their arms and stamp their feet because it makes them feel better ain’t helping.


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