We are a collective of gender transgressive writers, authors, bloggers, and poets who want to use the written word as a medium for political protest, social critique, and empowerment. Gendertrash Café is an online creative space for gender transgressors, broadly defined. We seek to highlight and promote the fabulous work of writers, artists, activists and other gendertrash bohemians, in all of its degenerate forms. Of note: we value snark and gallows humor.

Why gendertrash?

Like the alphabet soup acronyms and use of the word ‘queer’ before it, we believe that ‘gendertrash’ follows in the noble footsteps of serving as a delightful catch-all for all manner of gender weirdos.

We use this word for several reasons.

  1. We believe that the historical reclamation of language can be empowering,
  2. We reject respectability politics,
  3. We believe humor can be disarming, and
  4. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.

You can read more about the original idea for the Gendertrash Café in our inaugural post.